Due to the recent updates from our Government Lovingly Labelled will not be posting out deliveries for at least three weeks.
Our postal service is under pressure and I believe that it is important to heed the message to #stayathome in order for this crisis to run its course as quickly as possible and hopefully affect the least amount of people.

I hope you will bear with me and thank you for your support. I’ll update you in three weeks as soon as our Government updates us all on the situation.
This supersedes all information on our site about delivery times/pick up locations. Thank you.

Take care.



If you want to collect your order in person from Reasons to be Cheerful in Leighton Buzzard AND IT IS £30.00 OR OVER  please message us using this contact form.
You will need to put the items you’d like and the details you want embroidered.
We will then email you and create your invoice, without postage, which must be paid before your order is completed.
If you continue with this checkout you will be charged postage which will not be refunded.
(Please read our T&Cs on COLLECTIONS for full details.)

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