Keep in touch!

Keep in touch!

We’re aware that sometimes people can feel they receive too much information  – and we don’t want to be one of those companies that inundate you!

So we’re just checking that you still want to receive our newsletter. If you do want to stay in touch then we promise not to spam you and only send our newsletter when we’ve got something to say.

You’ll get top tips on finding ideal gifts,  personalised gifts for growing children (what DO two year olds really want!) that are actually useful, and ideas for important occasions from wedding gifts and  Christenings/Naming Ceremonies to big adventures like starting school.
And of course we’ll make sure that you are kept in the loop on what we’re up to, new designs, events where you can come see us and helpful info too!


If you want to say goodbye…

But we appreciate that we may no longer be needed or are just not your cup of tea and so here’s your chance to say goodbye.
We hate to see you go but just unsubscribe using the link below and you won’t receive any further information on all our yummy gifts.
Hopefully you’ll choose to stay and join us on the journey of making magical memories for big and little kids too!

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