I want my baby!

I want my baby!

“I want my baby!” – how many times has your little one insisted they just have to carry their baby doll everywhere with them AND in its pushchair too – and cue meltdown if you refuse.

After all you know that ten minutes after you set foot out the front door they’ll suddenly insist they’re too tired to push it and you’ll end up juggling the toys alongside everything else you’ve got!

I’m pretty sure that’s a scenario most parents have experienced at some point and I recall it used to drive my mum nuts when my baby sister did it.

I mention this because when I’m looking for new items to add to my gift range I look around me for inspiration.  Suggestions pop up from my closed Facebook group Friends of Lovingly Labelled, ideas drop in from my contact page and sometimes a passing comment from my mum sends me down memory lane!

So when I spotted this baby and carrycot set I just knew we had to have it. It’s a beautiful carrycot, holding a little baby with its own bottle and blanket. But most of all it’s soft – yes even the bottle. Which makes it perfect to scrunch up and shove into your copious bag (which every parent of a small child always carries)  without weighing you down. How perfect is that???

The level of detail is spot on too yet it’s a simple set up, which is suitable from birth. The carrycot is beautifully lace-trimmed, all the baby’s clothes are removable which is perfect for entertainment as a child gets older, the bottle even has measurements on its side. The blanket is perfect for tucking the baby in.

Up to two names will be embroidered on the blanket for that personalisation which we love and there’s a nice choice of threads for it too. You can see more of the baby carrycot set  here.

So if this makes you think of a great product we should be offering then please do get in contact and I’ll go hunting.

Yana x



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